More of My Favorite Things….Look Good and Feel Better!

Rain drops on roses, whiskers on kittens, brown paper packages tied up with string…..wait, those are Julie Andrews’ favorite things.  Here a few of my favorite things.  As you know I’m living a healthier lifestyle these days and here’s a product that’s helping me do that:

Nature's Sunshine has some amazing products. I purchase them at the Health Center on 182nd just south of Stark St.

I had one of the herbalist do a computer make up on me.  It turns out that I need some extra adrenal support so I purchased the “Glandular System” kit which contains all the good stuff i need to help with my metabolism, digestion, elimination, stress level, sleep and energy level.  This company also has kits for the intestinal system, respiratory system etc.  If you can’t get to the Health Center just Google “Nature’s Sunshine” and go to their website to order on-line.  The thing I love about this company is that after you’ve spent $40 they register you as a member and give you a 40% discount on all future orders (they do this at the Health Center too).  Because I’m a member my cost for the 30 day supply of this product was only $34.  Don’t worry about them trying to suck you into a multi level marketing situation.  They just want you to be healthy (by the way, I’m not selling this stuff) and they want to make their products reasonably priced so you can afford to be healthy.  I’ve been taking the adrenal gland support supplements for two weeks and my outlook on life has improved.  I have more energy and I’m not craving sweets and white flour YEAH!!!  As a recovering sugar/white flour/pastaholic, (hey, I never said I was perfect), this is a really,really big deal for me.

Part of being healthy is feeling good about myself and as part of feeling good about myself is making myself pretty.  As my pastor always says, “Ladies, put on a little makeup!” Here’s some new makeup products I just discovered and I love, love, love them:

You can purchase any of these items at an Ulta store.

The emphasEYES aqua gel eyeliner by tarte is the best I’ve ever used.  It’s packaged as a retractable pencil but goes on wet and dries instantly AND the best part is that it is absolutely water proof.  No more ugly smudges under the eyes due to watery eyes or humid weather.  A word of caution:  make sure you apply lightly because if you get too heavy handed the tip will break off while you’re applying. Don’t get discouraged with this product.  The application takes a little trial and error but once you’ve mastered it I think you’ll like as much as me.  Also be sure to retract the pencil after use otherwise you’ll break off the tip when recapping it.  I have noticed that the brown pencil works better than my purple one for some reason. Cost is $19

Also try the LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer.  Apply a small amount to eyelids before putting on your eye shadow and voila! your shadow looks more vibrant and it stays put…no more creasing or wearing off as the day goes by.  Cost is $20 and a small tube lasts forever…honest!

The Ulta brand eye shadows are on sale right now for only $2 each….shut up!  When is eye shadow ever that inexpensive.  When used with the primer mentioned above it looks fab.  This is the time to stock up on all the colors you’ve been wanting to try.  And guess what?   If you save the packaging and receipt you can return any of these products that don’t work for you to Ulta…no questions asked.

This is miracle shine in a bottle!

Miracle shine in a bottle

What is it about our hair ladies?  If my hair doesn’t look good I can barely force myself to leave the house.  And if I do, I’m convinced everyone I meet is looking aghast when they pass me on the street wondering what I was thinking when I decided to show myself in public on a bad hair day.

The best bad hair story I can remember happened several years ago when my sweet friend, who I shall refer to as “Preacher Lady”, was hosting an international women’s conference at our church.  Several of us had worked long hours pouring our hearts and souls into the conference so it would come off without a hitch.  You can imagine our chagrin when the second day of the conference Preacher Lady was nowhere to be seen.  We called her home, her cell, her office….no answer anywhere.  After an hour or so we became quite concerned about her where abouts, especially since she was due to give an hour long presentation after lunch.  Finally, one of us got a call saying she was dealing with an emergency and would be at the church as soon as she could resolve some issues.  Of course we imagined the worst and speculated that one of her children must be in the hospital or, God forbid, a beloved relative or close friend was in some sort of crisis.

Finally, after hours of speculation she arrived on the scene and taking one look at our faces, realized she had to come clean about her ordeal.  It seems she made an early morning hair appointment for a color and style; unfortunately, her hair stylist decided to try a new product which turned Preacher Lady’s hair a bright orange.  I ask you, what’s a girl to do?  I’ll tell you what she does…first she runs in circles and screams and shouts….and then she lets her stylist know that an auditorium full of anxious women are waiting to hear her speak and there is no way on God’s green earth she is stepping before 500 women with bright orange hair!!!  Alas, the story has a happy ending. The stylist was able to reprocess the color until it was a lovely platinum blond and as Preacher Lady stepped onto the stage and shared this story with the entire audience, 500 women rose to their feet with tears in their eyes to give her a standing ovation.  Don’t ya just love being a woman?

Okay, after that long lead in, here is a product that will give you the confidence to step on any stage in the country. It’s called Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist (also available at Ulta) and it gives my hair more shine than any product I’ve ever used.  Cost is $22 but I’m told it lasts a long time.  If you love shiney hair…and what woman doesn’t…you’re going to love this stuff.  Get ready to shine ladies!


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2 Responses to More of My Favorite Things….Look Good and Feel Better!

  1. Donna says:

    Love the Ulta store and can find many bargains in the clearance section in the back of the store. Just a short walk from my house….very convenient. Also on the shine mist stuff, I have something similar that I use, it is kind of an oil, but supposed to make your hair shine, and I put a few drops in the palm of my hand, rub, and wow, if your hair is not cooperating, I take my fingers and style, etc. It really helps style your hair!! For real!!! Just put all over your hair. Makes stylling easier and shiny hair. Love your tips and your blog Joanie.

  2. corie says:

    I clearly recall the evening the Preacher Lady came to the conference – we all loved that she deals with these emergencies like we all have at some time. I also remember her Husband being out of town; she called him and he said “what color is your hair NOW?”

    Great memories!!

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