God’s Gifts Come in Small Packages


And here she is....a little tablespoon of sugar straight from heaven.

Sometimes we get to experience a little bit of heaven right here on earth.  That’s what happened yesterday afternoon when we dropped by for a brief visit with our son Michael and his busy family.  Alivia, the four-year-old ran into Mopar Man’s arms and squealed when he hugged her , “Grandpa I’m going to give you all my sugar today!”  Then she giggled as I grabbed her out of his arms and said, “Okay for you cutie pie, I guess I’ll just have to squeeze  a little more out of you for myself!”

I set her down on the floor and turned to walk away.  “Wait, Gramma,”  she said.  “I have somein’ important to tell you.”  And then placing her tiny hands over her heart she said, “Jesus is wiving in my heart now.”  I looked at Mopar Man and could see tears welling up in his handsome sun tanned face.  Our son motioned for us to sit down.  He began to tell us about a conversation he and Livie had that morning.  It seems he peaked in on her while she was taking her bath.  “Daddy loves you to the moon and back,” he smiled.  “I love you to space Daddy,” she replied.  “You know who loves you even more than me?” he asked.  Wiping soap suds from her face, she looked up a bit puzzled. “Who Daddy, who?” she quipped.  And then our son began to tell his precious little girl about the love of Jesus.  “Where does Jesus live?” she questioned.  “Well, He lives in my heart and He would very much like to live in yours too,” he said.  “Well, how does He get in there,” she asked quizzically.  As they knelt together on the bathroom floor little Alivia Ainsley invited Jesus to be her saviour and take up residence in  her little heart on Sunday morning, August 7 in the year of our Lord 2011.

Livie turned four in June. When her Mom asked her whether she wanted her birthday cake to say "Happy Birthday Alivia" or "Happy Birthday Livie" she replied, "Asually Mama I would like it to say "Happy Birthday Princess Alivia". Ahhh, there's a bit of Gramma in her I'd say.

And Livie, Jesus wants you to know you will always be Princess Alivia to Him!


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4 Responses to God’s Gifts Come in Small Packages

  1. Mama Baer says:

    Gives me goose bumps!

  2. Donna says:

    That made me cry grandma. I remember when my grandaughter now almost 8, recited her first bible verse at age 5 and left it on my voicemail. I kept it there for a very long time. These grandbabies are precious gems from heaven. How they melt our hearts.

  3. Noel says:

    Praise God! What a wonderful heritage of faith and fun you and Mike have established.

  4. corie says:

    she definitely is a princess – what a lovely thing for her Dad to bring her to the Throne!

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