She’s Baaack!

Contrary to popular opinion I have not dropped off the face of the earth or gone home to heaven.  I’m still here but I’ve been living life at a somewhat hectic pace for what seems like forever.  Several months ago we embarked on a project to build a home on our property at the beach.  We had no idea how long it would take us or how much energy it would take to begin the actual building process; however, I’m glad to say that we now have re-designed house plans, installed septic system, temporary power mount, cleared and leveled property, foundation dug out, engineering design for an abreviated drainage plan (don’t ask) and as of last Friday…..finalized building plans!  And best of all we sign the final paperwork for our building loan this week. Will somebody please say “Hallelujah”.

When you look at the following pictures you’ll probably say, “uhhhh, all I see is a lot of dirt piles”.   Well, my friends, all I can say is…one man’s dirt piles are another man’s future beach house.

Temporary electrical is in place. Hey, ya can't do anything without electricity.

The foundation is dug and septic is in. Wuh hooo!

Mopar Man gives the house plans a final check to make sure things are staked out correctly.


....and with the pounding of a stake a dream is built!


Stay tuned for the next blog on how to decorate a beach house.  And watch for a series of blogs beginning next week on how Joanie Baloney gets ready for a visit to Fancy Nancy’s house.

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7 Responses to She’s Baaack!

  1. Barbara Korhonen says:

    I am soo happy for you, and Hallelujah, I know what it feels like to get to a point where the hard work is worth it, it took all summer but we have grass in our back yard.

  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    Fancy Nancy has a question … why are you wearing rain gear in every picture? Why is there so much mud? The view outside my living room window is clear blue sky, white fluffy clouds and warm sun rays … come visit me in the SUN my VBFF!!!! See you soon.

  3. Noel says:

    Handel’s chorus is playing in my head – both for you and your beach house and for having you blogging again! You need to be heard. Love you!

  4. Tamra says:

    Hallelujah!! Glad you are back to blogging although I have been enjoying our coffee meetings and updates!!! I am excited to be flying down on your fancy Nancy adventure with you:) See you soon!!

  5. corie says:

    That is AWESOME! It seems like at the beach I feel God’s presence more deeply – probably because there is less traffic, and the only noise is the waves. I’m sure the place you’re building will be an awesome sanctuary for you and your family!

  6. Donna says:

    My life is so boring without your blogs…..LOL….Missed them but Tamra filled me in on your latest adventure. God has plans for you… will be beautiful I am sure when you are done. Hey, why the white shoes in the mud? They look pretty fancy too! No boots? Every Oregonian must own a pair or two of RAIN boots!!! Will Fancy Nancy be assisting in your decorating or are you taking on the project yourself? Will anxiously be awaiting the outcome. Looks like you have put in a lot of long, hard work. Hugs and prayers…..

  7. Robin says:

    Praise The Lord, For your New Journey, will miss that fun laugh andfriendship. will need to getto getover there to see you in the future.Love and Hugs.

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