Dallas Women’s Conference…..Tellin’ it Like it T’iz

I just returned from Dallas, Texas where I attended the “Color Your Mind” Women’s Conference at New Beginnings.  I wish all of you could have been with me.  Once again Pastor Tiz really nailed it.  I always come away from her presentations feeling renewed and re-energized.  This year she invited an equally amazing woman to minister with her at the conference.  Shaneen Clarke resides in London, England and is a noted author, speaker and evangelist.

These are some of the sound bites from these two mighty women of God that stood out to me in the conference:

  1. Every new level of growth requires a new level of thinking
  2. Nurturing revenge, anger and bitterness is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to get sick
  3. How you think is how you talk.  Change the way you speak and your emotions will follow.
  4. Miracles happen when preparation meets opportunity. Proper preparation results in better performance.
  5. Marinate yourself in the Word of God.
  6. Christ is a mind dweller
  7. In business, do not join partners with the wrong person.  Who you share your purse with affects your business.
  8. Satan thinks strategically so we need to have a strategy to defeat him.  Use the weapons of God:  His blood, Word and Name

Here is a pictorial of the conference.  I think you might recognize some of the women in the photos.

Pastor Nancy oversaw all the details of the conference this year.

The stage was set and preparations completed for Pastor Tiz'a arrival.

Women came from all over the country representing 14 states. This lady who is visiting with Pastor Tiz, Pastor Nancy and Ms Margaret drove all the way from Detroit, Michigan to attend the conference.

Here I am with our beautiful adopted daughter Jen. And no my tooth isn't missing...that's a funny shadow on the picture.

Here's the women who can give you the "skinny". Tamra, Geri and Nancy have all lost a lot of weight. The combined total of their weight loss is equal to one, very short, Sumo wrestler. I warn you, before going to Dallas lose weight. I lost 21 lbs and still felt like the short chunky sister.

And here is Ms Onika looking as pretty as ever.

Karen from the 700 Club also attended the conference.

And of course you'd recognize those legs anywhere! What would a women's conference be without Pastor Cheryl's feminine touches.

Here are the Huch girls...Katie, Anna and Jen. I gotta tell ya, there's not a homely one in the bunch!

Shaneen Clarke spoke from a transparent heart and her authenticity touched the hearts of thousands of women around the world.

Here they are....the dynamic duo. Pastor Tiz always says to expect "double, double" and believe me she and Shaneen delivered a double portion blessing to every woman in attendance.

Pastor Tiz is out of the country this week speaking at an international women’s conference.  Be sure to keep her in your prayers as she tells the world how it “Tiz”.  God bless you Pastor Tiz and may His angels bear your up in their arms and keep you safe.  And may the blessing you have been to all of us be seeded back into your life ten thousand fold!






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3 Responses to Dallas Women’s Conference…..Tellin’ it Like it T’iz

  1. Barbara Korhonen says:

    Sounds wonderful and can’t wait to hear about the weight loss.
    Love you,

  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    You got the best pictures … and maybe that is because God knows you will tell the best ‘story’ with your words. So glad you came to help me, I could not have done it without YOU!!!!! We share a brain, share the love of God and the love of growing and learning. You are the best sister in the world. See you soon.
    Fancy Nancy

  3. Tamra says:

    Love this recap Joan, and so excited I made the pictorial:D

    Am about to check my calendar and text you some days and times to see if they coincide with your schedule for us to meet for coffee!!

    So blessed to have been a part of that weekend!!

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