Dreams do Come True

Let me introduce you to the house that dreams built.  We’ve been dreaming of this house since we were first married.  Then, about six years ago we purchased a little piece of heaven on the Long Beach Penninsula and started imagining buying the lot next door.  Last year the elderly lady who owned the second lot finally decided to sell it to us.  The next step was choosing a builder and selecting a house plan.  Of course that was just the beginning.  We spent the last ten months finding a lender, applying for permits, getting appraisals, hiring a builder, selecting the perfect house plan etc. etc. etc.  This is the third house we’ve built since we were married; however, the last one we built was 34 years ago….long enough to forget all the tiny and huge details that go into building.  It’s actually all the preliminary details that eat up time but once those are completed the actual building process moves pretty fast.  Here’s what we found this weekend when we went down to the beach to check on the builder’s progress.  And oh my goodness, our dream is finally looking a lot like a real live house!

This is what has happened in just 2 1/2 weeks. All the interior and exterior walls are up and the roof trusses and plywood are in place.

Welcome to our new living room. Mopar Man is cleaning up a bit before we can invite you over. Oh yeah, and we should probably wait until the windows are installed before having you over.

Mopar Man's trustie side kick, Lar Bear, is building an imaginary fire in the "soon to be installed" fireplace.

Here is the kitchen and dining room where we'll prepare and serve wonderful seafood meals.

Every job needs a couple of supervisors.  Joanie and Suzy rest up before helping the guys clean up the job site.

Every job needs a couple of supervisors.

Suzy oversees the guys as they clean up the job site.

.....ever wonder what the guys do when the gals go off to shop!

Here is a stack of siding which will go on the house next week along with shingles and windows.
















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4 Responses to Dreams do Come True

  1. Mama Baer says:

    It is such fun to see the house photos – wow – it is really coming along!

  2. Tamra says:

    Oooomylanta, so excited for you:D

  3. Barbara Korhonen says:

    It is nice when the right dreams come true. I couldn’t be happier for you and may all your other dreams come true.
    Love you

  4. Fancy Nancy says:

    love all your colors … oh, guess I am looking at these pictures with all the ‘details’ added in my mind 🙂 So excited for you and Mike

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