Remember the forecast for the beach last week?   It said there would be wind gusts up to 90 mph on the northern Oregon and southern Washington coasts.  And guess what?  They were right and we can prove it.  Just take a look at this photo of our “under construction” beach house.

Here's the proof. Three trees from a neighboring lot blew down across our property. Praise God only one of them was tall enough to actually hit the house. And it did only minimal damage to a couple of sheets of plywood.

Mopar Man and Lar Bear went down Friday and cut the trees up enough to unblock the driveway and get them away from the house.

Looks like we're going to have a life time supply of firewood for the wood burning fireplace.

The good news is that our faithful home builders braved the storm and didn’t let a few downed trees, high winds and pouring rain prevent them from continuing to work on the house.  Wow, it seems that the old saying about “neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night…etc. etc.” doesn’t just apply to the US Post Office.

Wu hoo...the house has siding and windows now!

That's plumbing in them thar walls!

...And that my friends is an electrical thingie (excuse my technical terminology)

Here sits a beautiful stack of shingles which will be added to the roof next week making the house weather tight. In building terms that's a really big deal. I never thought looking at a pile of shingles would be this exhilerating.

Well, so goes the continuing saga of our beach building adventure.  Next week “we” (meaning Mopar Man and Lar Bear) will start caulking the siding to get it ready for painting.  They really, really love us at Home Depot these days.


Did you know that Home Depot gives veterans a 10% discount on everything you purchase?  All you have to do is go to DMV, show them your discharge papers, birth certificate and pay $26 and they’ll make you up a new driver’s license with a “veteran” designation on it.  Then, just show your license at Home Depot every time you buy something and they’ll give you a discount.  When you’re buying refrigerators, chain saws, multiple gallons of paint and cases of caulking, ten percent really adds up fast.

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5 Responses to T-i-m-b-e-r!

  1. Linda Nelson says:

    Praise God no one was hurt and only a small amount of damage, will you be able to cope with that kind of weather? Thanks on the update it is very interesting. God bless you two as you put this together.

  2. Mama Baer says:

    So glad that the house didn’t blow away. I think Lowe’s gives the military discount too? Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

  3. Barbara Korhonen says:

    Well we will thank the Lord that it was not fatal. I am so happy nothing serious happened.
    Good things happen to good people.
    Love You

  4. Robin says:

    Amen, ThatGOD watched Over The construction of your new home. all will work out. I was thinking of some friends of ours moving to there new home. in Hammon by Warren..

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