Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This morning Grandpa and I decided to take our two youngest grandchildren to Santa Land at the downtown Macey’s.  Now if you’re an Oregonian and a baby boomer you probably remember riding the monorail train in the same location when the store was called Meier & Frank.  When Macey’s bought the store, sadly, they took the old train out of operation.  Of course, I must admit, by today’s safety standards, placing small children in a 50 year-old rickety hunk of metal suspended from a 12 ft. ceiling is probably not a good idea; however, it’s hard to see such rich traditions disappear.  For those who are as nostalgic as Mopar Man and me there is a small section of the old monorail on display in Santa Land.

"Hey, does anyone know who's suppose to be drivin' this train?"

"Excuse me lady, I think this is my stop!"

"You want me to sit where? Hey, if you like him so much, you sit on his lap!!!"

"Santa, pwease don't put my bwather on your naughty list. He's just a baby and baby's get a wittle squared swometimes." (Before Livi would get off of Santa's lap she wanted to make sure both she and her baby brother were on Santa's "nice" list.)

"Uhhh...aren't you guys suppose to be pullin' a sleigh or somethin'?"


…..and as we ride out of sight, we say “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

Be sure to hug your family during this holiday season…they’re the most important gift of all.





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3 Responses to Santa Claus is Coming to Town

  1. Donna says:

    I used to take my son to M&F and ride that monorail. Memories. Great pictures grandma. Merry Christmas to you and your family….feel this hug!!!

  2. Tamra says:

    Love the pics… The outfits you described yesterday are adorable!! Love the 2 of them with Santa, I didn’t like Santa when I was little either!!! Don’t really like him no as a matter of fact;}

  3. Barbara Korhonen says:

    Yes me and my kids all 5 would go there every year. This year I have my son Joshua and his three children and Justin his Partner and her daughter, and it has been a blast from the past. The boys have grown so much and Gabrial the youngest is the child all parents worn there own children about, Someday you will get a child that acts just like you. Josh even understood what I was talking about when I told Gary,”he got his finally.” I do wish everyone a
    Christ filled Christmas.

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