It is Finished!

It’s hard to believe but we actually moved into the new beach house a week ago.  Many thanks to all the members of our family who showed up to help us set up house keeping.  I spent the entire week decorating.  It was glorious.  And to make things even more special the weather was gorgeous.  I even strolled the beach in my shirt sleeves.  For anyone who is familiar with the Oregon and Washington Coast in late winter, you know how unusual that is.

The house is still sparsely furnished in some rooms but we don’t care…..hey we’re at the beach…who cares about furniture right?  Well, that philosophy use to work for me in my youth; however, now that I am …well, let’s just say I’m not a youngster any more, I find that comfort is far more important to me.  Soooo, more furniture is on order and should arrive in a few weeks.  Even though the decorating is incomplete, the deck is yet to be built and grass to be planted I thought you might enjoy a photo tour.

Welcome to Clam Shell Cottage!

As you enter through the garage be so kind as to "Place Shoes Here".

As you pass through the garage say hi to Mopar Man and Lar Bear who are working feverishly to install the new garage door opener."Well, hello. Come on in and I'll fix you a nice cup of hot coffee and if you're like Fancy Nancy you'll want a fresh hot apple fritter from our local bakery.

As you can see, the living room couch and love seat have not arrived as of yet; however, you're welcome to pull up an adirondak chair if you like.

Have you discovered the Upscale Consignment store yet? We purchased this entertainment armoire at a price you wouldn't believe. Doesn't it look just "beachy".

This is the southeast corner of the living room. I purchased this flower pot at a charity auction several years ago and added it to the decor because it goes so perfectly with the floral cushions on the adirondak chairs.

This is our little phone table. I didn't really want a phone in the living room; however, the workman did not consult with me before installing the phone jack. Ah well, one must roll with the punches sometimes in order to maintain the tranquility that being in a beach cottage should engender.

Come into the kitchen and talk to me while I prepare some delicious sea food chowder.

These lovely little cabbage dishes are a gift from Fancy Nancy so I just had to find a special place for them at Clam Shell Cottage. I made the little topiary ball by gluing moss onto a styrofoam ball and sticking it into a pot. I bought the plant stand at Marshall's for $4 (it was missing a piece) and hot glued the plant and basket to the top. What would modern civilization be without glue guns?

Would you mind setting the table while I serve up the chowder?

We chose a massive dining room table to accomodate large family gatherings.  When our kid’s were small we use to spend every spring break vacation at the little cabin owned by Mopar Man’s Aunt Naomi.  She had a big round oak table with mismatched chairs where we enjoyed hours of fun eating and playing board games with the kids.  We wanted to capture the memories of those days in our new dining room.

This is your room. Please feel free to lay down and let the sound of the ocean waves lull you to sleep.

To date this is the only bedroom with an actual head and foot board. that's because, after six years of sleeping on a tiny fold out travel trailer sofa bed, our nephew Lar Bear decided he needed a "real" bed to sleep on so he purchased a lovely bedroom set from Craig's List.

Our master bedroom looks a bit sparce but it's a work in progress. We did treat ourselves to a new memory foam mattress which we absolutely love. I purchased fleece sheets for all the beds and they are a cozy delight to sleep between.

The only other furniture in the master suite is this cute little Ikea desk and bookshelf combo which formerly occupied Fancy Nancy's home office. It now serves as our temporary chest of drawers.

Here's a quick peak at the powder room. It's so nice to have a full size bath tub and shower rather than the teeny miniture facilities of the travel trailer.

This concludes your tour of Clam Shell Cottage.  The only thing left to say to our friends and family is when you’re at the beach the next time stop by and say hello…..and to our friends and extended family in Texas….”Y’all come and see us some time ya hear.”




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11 Responses to It is Finished!

  1. It all looks so beautiful! I especially love what you’ve done with the kitchen. So inviting!

  2. Noel says:

    Beautiful! So happy for you guys. Love to see a dream come true!

  3. Tamra says:

    Looooove the tour!

    I can’t wait to see it in person:)

    So happy for you!!!

  4. Mama Baer says:

    It is finished but it looks like the fun is now starting!

    So glad you had good weather for moving in last week – ENJOY!

  5. Debbie says:

    Beautiful Joanie! It looks amazing, cozy and wonderful. Congratulations! We are so excited for you.

  6. Cheryl Rebman says:

    It’s looks so fabulous – just reminded me of the Condos we would go online to look at in Depoe Bay at Blue Pacific Vacations!!! So excited for you!! We are hoping to come up for 2 weeks in late June, so hopefully we can sample a cup of “beach coffee” one day!!! God’s richest blessings on that sweet spot and the dear people that will abide there!!

  7. Linda Nelson says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO CLEVER I love your kitchen and the decorating thoughout the place CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! a job very well done and you certainly deserve the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! love you

  8. Liz says:

    You did it!!! Now take deep breaths of fresh beach air to water and nourish your creative genius…”write” on, Sis! I miss our coffee visits at Cascade station but think I can manage to exchange that for a cuppa joe and a day at the beach! Congratulations–well done!

  9. Robin says:

    Great its looking like, Joan anyways now you can have fun even more you have the Beach and Lots of Decarating.have fun.Lots of Love to you andMike.

  10. Donna says:

    Love it….youy did a fantastic job. Now enjoy. Love your creative ideas. I am not crafty or creative so appreciate anybody that can do that stuff. Lov eyou

  11. Fancy Nancy says:

    Job well done my dear Joanie!!! Looks just like you … all ‘fancy’ with the ‘comfee’ feel. I love my city lights and you love your trees and water. We used to be different and now we are the same.
    Sleep well knowing you are loved by me and others.!
    Fancy Nancy

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