Sometimes It’s Okay to Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

It just doesn’t seem like spring until Easter Sunday.  Can you believe we actually had sunshine on Easter Sunday in Oregon?  I got an email from my good friend, Fancy Nancy, telling me that after church Sunday it rained cats and dogs in Dallas.  Just can’t help but gloat a little bit since our Texas friends were bragging to me that when we were having snow in April they were having blue skies and 80 degree weather.

I hope all of you had as sweet an Easter as we did at our house.  This year Conor, the baby of our family, experienced his first Easter egg hunt.  Out of our six grandchildren only three believe they aren’t “too old” to participate in this traditional ritual.  Here is a pictorial of the big hunt;

Here are the "Super Six" from left to right Soccer Boy, Improv Actor, Bling Bling Girl, Princess Goldy Locks, Horse Woman and Action Man.

Okay, I may be bragging a little bit...but isn't this one of the sweetest families you've ever seen? And there's not an ugly one in the bunch!

"Enough of the picture taking already, those chocolate eggs are calling my name!"

Action Man listens intently as Dad gives him a few tips on where to find the biggest eggs.

Princess Goldy Locks has no problem putting all her eggs in one basket.

Forget the little pink basket, Action Man prefers a shopping bag for his treasures.

Soccer Boy is stunned when Bling Bling Girl announces now that she's turning nine, this may possibly be her final Easter egg hunt.

Action Man pays no attention to his big sister's advice about taking the wrapper off the candy before you eat it.

Ta daaah! Princess Goldy Locks also likes to put all her candy in one bag.

Improv Actor reflects on the Easter egg hunts of his youth.

Goat Lady and Tech Man are smiling because all the mess from the Easter egg hunt is at Grandma's house.

This concludes the great Easter egg pictorial at our house.  All that’s left to say is that our family wishes your family all the blessings and goodness that our risen savior makes available to you.  Have a beautiful life and a wonderful spring.



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7 Responses to Sometimes It’s Okay to Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

  1. Grampa says:

    Wow, great pictures. Where’s the eggs for us?

  2. Love the pictures!! I think I’m going to steal some of them for my blog. You don’t mind, do you?

  3. Mom, I love your pictures! I stole a few for my facebook page. 🙂

  4. Mama Baer says:

    All the photos are great – thanks for sharing! Happy after Easter week!

  5. Robin says:

    Awe sweet Pictures of everyone. you look like you all had a awesome time. Be blessed.

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